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Batch 1 is shipping now! We are now taking pre-orders for batch 2, which is expected to ship in October.

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2 Bay Plug and Play PiBox


- Standard PiBox, plus:

- 2TB SSD (Samsung or Crucial)

- Formatted, ready to install apps

- Additional SATA slot for adding more storage

2 Bay Standard PiBox


- Raspberry Pi CM4 w/ 8GB RAM, 8GB eMMC, WiFi

- Add up to 2 SATA SSD drives

- Noctua Fan, 1.3" LCD, WiFi Antenna, 3.5A PSU

- Black Powder Coated structural steel case

2 Bay Hacker PiBox


- The Standard PiBox, but you provide your own:

- Raspberry Pi CM4, Fan, and WiFi antenna

- Some assembly required!

5 Bay PiBox

Coming soon!

- 5 Full-Size Hard Drive Bays

- Product announcement late 2022

- Follow us on Twitter @KubeSail for updates