PiBox Render
2 Bay SSD
5 Bay HDD

Your Ultra Smart External Hard Drive

PiBox combines
  • A Raspberry Pi CM4
  • WiFi, 8GB RAM
  • Up to 16TB of SSD Storage
  • An App Store for Self Hosted Software
to create the most versatile storage server ever
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Operating Systems You Know and Love

UbuntuRaspberry Pi

Finally, a NAS that lets you use a standard operating system that you're used to, like Ubuntu or Raspberry Pi OS.

Image of Desktop
PiBox can run Home-Media software like Plex and JellyFin without a sweat!

HDMI for Media


PiBox makes a great media center, taking advantage of the Raspberry Pi's native 4K video decoder.

It's time to ditch Dropbox, Google Photos, and Netflix

Ditch icons

PiBox is ready to run a variety of free software. Templates let you spin up self-hosted apps with one click.

PiBox can run loads of software, like NextCloud!
PiBox is flexable - add your own SSDs
PiBox Leaning